Christopher Kent is an  artist, illustrator and woodworker based in Scotland.

In May 2016 Chris was selected for the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year competition (broadcast on Sky Arts 14.02.17),and is currently creating works for a new exhibition in Edinburgh 2018, as well as a series of portrait commissions, commissioned wood sculptures(collaborative works), wooden pieces for Edinburgh Museums as well as courses and workshops throughout the year, plus a new graphic novel about gender identity.  Chris was invited to attend the Berwick Literary Festival in October 2016.

You can explore some of these areas; art, illustration, wood works. The artworks shown include commissions, gallery paintings, book illustrations, text, other projects including digital art.

Chris’s work deals with gender identity – genderfluid and non-binary genders. Their work also deals with ideas of  beauty, mysticism and loss.

Christopher Kent has exhibited work throughout the UK and internationally.


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I always return to painting and drawing. It’s my natural way of working things out and understanding the world around me.


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My illustrations are the result of studying fine art and reading comic books. I am keen on obsessive pencil work and also love using collage and paint.


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Wood Work


I’ve been working with wood for over twenty years. I recently discovered that my great grandfather was a carpenter during the First World War. I work on a range of commissions from sculpture, furniture as well as objects used for exhibitions and displays.


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I enjoy working on a wide range of commissions: paintings, sculpture, illustration or wood work.

Please get in touch with me via the contact page to enquire about future commissions. 

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