Lockdown Film

2020 was an unusual year. Through lockdown I was able to concentrate on some drawings (see previous post), wood sculptures and paintings on wood blocks. Below is a link to a short film  called NEITHER which I made with Carmen Bermudez about my wood sculptures, soundtrack by Frances M. Lynch from Electric Voice Theatre.

Lockdown 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide through 2020. During this period of lockdown I have been attempting to carry on creating drawings, sculpture and writing. I’m hoping to share some of this work over the next months. Today I’m including a series of self-portraits made in the last few weeks.  

Pecha Kucha 2019 Galashiels

Pecha Kucha are a series of talks given in cities worldwide by creatives using 20 slides, at 20 seconds per slide. I gave mine at Galashiels in May 2019.  


In May 2018 I held an exhibition installation titled NEITHER at the Number Shop, Edinburgh. This is a brief look at some of the work from NEITHER and includes the soundtrack for the exhibition composed and performed by Frances M. Lynch from Electric Voice Theatre. The work examined issues of gender identity, seen in parallel […]

New Exhibition NEITHER 2018

  Listen to the installation soundtrack NEITHER SHAPES   My new exhibition, an installation  titled NEITHER, will open on 12th May – 20th May at the Number Shop, 188 – 190 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RT The work consists of an ambitious set of wood sculptures with a soundtrack, a collaboration with Frances Lynch from the […]

New Portraits

I’m currently working on a couple of new portraits. Hopefully more news soon. I find it really important to spend time working on the structure of the face, so there’s always lots of over-painting. Above is a recently completed portrait – Manon, which has safely arrived with the new owner in France. I still like […]
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